Last Week, Barnes Released his ‘Make It Here’ Plan to Revitalize Manufacturing and Strengthen Unions

MADISON — Today, a coalition of over a dozen union leaders across Wisconsin are joining over 120 state and local elected leaders to endorse Mandela Barnes for U.S. Senate. Their endorsement comes on the heels of the latest polling showing Mandela with a commanding double-digit lead in the Democratic primary built on grassroots support.

The coalition of union leaders includes:

  • John Drew, Vice President, UAW Local 72

  • Lauren Baker, Former MTEA Executive Director

  • Andrew Stark, President, Brewery Workers Local 9

  • Joe Kanzleiter, Bargaining Chairperson, Brewery Workers Local 9

  • Mike Bink, UAW Local 469 President

  • Marsha Nebel, NEW EmpowHER, IBEW 158

  • Yasin Mahdi, President UAW Local 180

  • Clinton Rodgers, Staff Representative & Wisconsin Political Coordinator, CWA

  • DiAndre Jackson, Coalition of Black Trade Unionists, UAW

  • Mike Rosen, Former President of AFT 212

  • Mary Land, UAW Region 4 Retirees Board Member & UAW Southeastern CAP Council Member

  • Jim “Doc” Poplawski, Chairman, UAW Local 180 Retiree Chapter

  • Demetrian McClain, Union Steward, Teamsters Local 200

  • Annie Stabler, Chief Steward & Bargaining Committee Member, UAW Local 469

Organizations listed for identification purposes only, all endorsements are personal endorsements

“When it comes to expanding opportunities for good-paying union jobs and revitalizing our communities, there’s no one I trust to get the job done more than Mandela Barnes,” said UAW Local 72 Vice President John Drew. “I’ve had the privilege of knowing Mandela for over a decade. I’ve watched as he has continued to put in the work to connect with every community across Wisconsin and understand the issues most important to workers. Mandela Barnes is a unifier, and he’s the best candidate to defeat Ron Johnson in November.”

“Wisconsinites can rely on Mandela Barnes to be in their corner,” said Former MTEA Executive Director Lauren Baker. “Mandela has always used his platform to uplift the voices of union workers across the state, fighting for public education funding, job creation, and strengthening unions. In his over-a-decade of working in politics, Mandela has stayed true to himself and his belief in empowering workers across our state. His deeply held values and life experience are what makes him the best person to represent Wisconsin in Washington.”

“Since the day I met Mandela Barnes, we have been in lock step on the importance of strengthening our unions,” said Brewery Workers Local 9 President Andrew Stark. “Throughout his years in politics, Mandela has never forgotten about the working families and the strong unions that have helped him achieve success, and that’s why I’m proud to stand with him in his campaign for the U.S. Senate.”

“Mandela Barnes understands firsthand the challenges working families face,” said Brewery Workers Local 9 Bargaining Chairperson Joe Kanzleiter. “As the son of a union household, he also understands the importance of investing in good-paying, high-quality jobs to strengthen and uplift every part of our community — from our schools to our factories to our Main Streets. Mandela has always credited his success to his parents’ strong union jobs, and that’s why I know Wisconsinites can trust him to be a voice for us in Washington.”

“Mandela Barnes has shown us that he’ll fight for us,” said Marsha Nebel of NEW EmpowHER and IBEW. “Not only is he fighting to restore Wisconsin’s reputation as the nation’s leader in manufacturing, he’s committed to finding innovative ways to create even more union jobs in Wisconsin. Mandela Barnes continues to show up for workers, and I’m proud to stand with him.”

“We’ve all had enough of politicians talking a big game at home and then forgetting all about working people when they get to Washington,” said UAW Local 469 President Mike Bink. “Mandela’s not like that. He’s proven himself over and over in the Assembly and as Lieutenant Governor, and that’s why I trust him to fight for unions and the middle class in D.C.”

“Republicans have dealt blow after blow to unions in Wisconsin, and Mandela has always stood by our side to fight back – whether it was the fight against Right to Work or Act 10,” said Staff Representative & Wisconsin Political Coordinator of the CWA Clinton Rodgers. “When you believe in unions as much as Mandela does, you don’t back down from the fight, and that’s the kind of representation we need in the Senate.”

“Ron Johnson is no friend to unions or working people, and we need to do everything we can to get him out of office,” said Former President of AFT 212 Mike Rosen. “Mandela Barnes is the right man for the job. His union roots run deep and he’s got a track record of fighting for labor in Wisconsin.”

“Elected leaders should understand the challenges of the people they seek to represent,” said UAW Region 4 Retirees Board Member & UAW Southeastern CAP Council Member Mary Land. “No one understands the importance of unions better than Mandela, who is the son of union parents and has been a lifelong advocate for labor. That’s why he’s my choice to take on Ron Johnson in November.”

“I’m proud to support Mandela Barnes because, as the son of a UAW member, he has lived the opportunities that a good-paying union job can provide,” said UAW Local 180 Retiree Chapter Chairman Jim “Doc” Poplawski. “Mandela knows how important it is to support our unions and empower workers. I look forward to calling him my Senator in November.”

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