Ron Johnson’s first finance report since announcing his re-election bid cements his status as the most vulnerable Republican Senator in the country:

  • Johnson’s lackluster report of $740,000 is the worst incumbent fundraising in the entire Senate.

  • Johnson is trailing behind Lt. Governor Mandela Barnes, who just raised $1.23 million in the fourth quarter from over 27,000 individual donations — significantly outraising any candidate in either party.

  • Johnson’s numbers are also a massive fall from the last time he was running for reelection: in the fourth quarter of 2015, as Johnson was heading into a tough campaign against Senator Feingold, Johnson raised nearly $1.6 million — or more than double what he raised this time around.

At a time when incumbent Senators of both parties are raising millions — Marco Rubio just raised over $5 million in Q4, in the redder state of Florida — Ron Johnson simply doesn’t have grassroots support from Wisconsinites and is falling further and further behind.

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