This morning, Senator Ron Johnson joined The Jay Weber Show, bragging about “getting things inserted into pieces of legislation” – like the $79 million in tax breaks he delivered to his two mega donors – and claiming he’s “gotten good at this job quite honestly.”

We beg to differ.

Here’s a taste of what self-serving Senator Ron Johnson defines as a good job:

  • Sneaking a massive tax break for his mega donors into the 2017 tax bill, which delivered $79 million in savings for his two wealthiest donors in 2018 alone

  • Voting against the 2018 Farm Bill, which included millions of dollars of support to: 

    • Expand rural broadband, support rural emergency medicine, improve drinking water quality, and help small businesses

    • Improve tools for Wisconsin’s dairy industry and family dairy farmers

  • Voting against the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal without reading it. This bill will:

    • Eliminate lead service pipes and lines and deliver clean drinking water

    • Fix the 979 bridges and 1,949 miles in roads in poor condition in Wisconsin

    • Modernize public transit to cut down on the extra 62.7% of time Wisconsinites spend on their commutes

    • Improve infrastructure resiliency to lessen the damage of extreme weather events, of which Wisconsin has had 16 of in just 10 years

  • Advocating for the outsourcing of American jobs, despite the fact that Wisconsin lost 11,331 jobs to outsourcing between 2011-2016:

    • Johnson said, “Let the billions of people around the world do that and provide us these goods — high quality, dirt cheap.”

    • “In 2014, he told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that outsourcing was ‘quite beneficial to America.’”

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