MADISON — Today, Senator Ron Johnson came out in opposition to care for Wisconsin children, claiming he’s “​​never really felt it was society’s responsibility to take care of other people’s children.”

In response, Lauren Chou, press secretary for Mandela Barnes for Wisconsin, released the following statement: 

“Wisconsin working families have dealt with so much over the past two years, balancing their own jobs, the uncertainty of Covid-19, virtual schooling, and a lack of affordable child care. The pandemic has effectively set women’s participation in the workforce back by a whole generation. In response, Ron Johnson said, ‘that sounds like a personal problem.’ For the millionth time, Johnson has made it clear he’ll choose himself and his mega-donors over Wisconsinites every single time — so this November, Wisconsinites will choose Mandela Barnes, a real champion for working families and the middle class.”

If Ron Johnson doesn’t think we need to be helping “other people’s children,” we’ll just assume that he’s also opposed to all of these programs:

  • Public schools

  • Public libraries

  • VA pension benefits for veterans with children

  • Child Tax Credit

  • CHIP

  • Food Stamps

  • WIC for pregnant women and new moms

  • Head Start

  • Pell Grants

  • Support for kids with disabilities

  • Social Security Survivor Benefits

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