MADISON — Today, Lt. Governor Mandela Barnes, candidate for U.S. Senate, released the following statement on the results of the 2022 U.S. Senate race.

“Wisconsin, I cannot thank you enough. I got into this race in July of last year because I believe that the American Dream – the one that gave me the opportunity to run this campaign – is worth protecting. I believe that our workers and our family farmers and our childrens’ futures are worth fighting for. 

“I got into this race because I believe in the Wisconsin promise of a fair shot at success. Whether you’re a dairy farmer in Monroe or a thrift store owner in Superior or a kid born on the corner of 26th and Locust in the heart of Milwaukee. And I believe in that promise today more than I ever have before. 

“We didn’t get over the finish line this time. But I know this movement that has meant so much to all of us will keep going. I still believe that better is possible, and I am in this for Wisconsin. Now is not the time for us to tune out. Now is the time for us to double down. To show up like we’ve never shown up before, and make sure that Ron Johnson and every political leader knows they answer to every person in Wisconsin – not just the people who voted for them. Together, we’re going to organize for better, we’re going to fight for better, and one day soon, we’re going to achieve better.” 

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