MADISON — Yesterday, Ron Johnson said that Republicans should repeal the Affordable Care Act if they regain the majority during an interview on Breitbart Radio. During the same interview, he endorsed a plan that would raise taxes on 1 in 3 Wisconsinites and jeopardize Medicare and social security.

Hours after the interview, Johnson released a consultant-driven hostage statement painfully backtracking on his longstanding position, despite the fact that he has been pushing the most extreme ACA repeal options for years.

In response, Maddy McDaniel, communications director for Mandela Barnes for Wisconsin, made the following statement:

“Anyone who still needs proof Ron Johnson is terrified of this election, look no further than his lightning-fast attempt to backtrack on his ten-year record of opposing the Affordable Care Act. His comments yesterday were not a gaffe or a mistake. He meant every word, because he believes the government should work for the rich and powerful, not the middle class and working people, and he has acted accordingly for more than ten years.

“Ron Johnson may be attempting to course-correct now, but he can’t undo the decade he has spent in Washington delivering for himself and his wealthy donors while trying to strip health care for Wisconsinites.

“Ron Johnson has forgotten the people he was elected to represent, and that’s why the people of Wisconsin will send him packing in November.”

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