Dem U.S. Senate candidate Mandela Barnes has launched his first ad since winning last week’s primary, saying in the spot it’s time to “change things up.”

His campaign said it’s part of a multi-million dollar buy on broadcast, cable and digital that will run throughout the state.

The spot shows Barnes, the lieutenant governor, in line at a cafeteria. He says “we get handed the same thing” after every election as food is plopped on his tray. “And none of it’s good,” he adds.

Barnes is then shown walking down a hallway as he says his mom was a teacher and his dad worked third shift.

“I know what families are up against,” he says.

Barnes is then shown receiving a stack of pizzas from a delivery man as he calls for a middle-class tax cut and making things in Wisconsin.

“If we want to change Washington, we’ve got to change the people we send there,” Barnes says before delivering the pizzas to kids in the cafeteria.

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