Dem U.S. Senate candidate Mandela Barnes has launched two new TV ads, including one that accuses U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Oshkosh, of lying about the lieutenant governor’s taxes.

Barnes’ campaign said the ads are part of a multi-million dollar statewide campaign on broadcast, cable, and digital.

Barnes didn’t file a tax return in 2018, when he was campaigning for lieutenant governor. He has said he didn’t earn enough that year to file one. He also was delinquent on paying his property taxes that year.

In one of the new ads, Barnes says Johnson is “at it again” and lying about his taxes.

“Let’s be clear, my taxes are paid in full,” Barnes says as he makes a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. “But there were times I was getting by on peanut butter sandwiches.”

Barnes says that’s why he supports a middle-class tax cut because “I know how hard you work.”

“But Johnson, he used his Senate seat to write a loophole that gave huge tax cuts to himself and his biggest donors, leaving us with crumbs,” Barnes says. “Now that’s how we get left behind.”

In the other ad, Barnes says he’ll fight to protect “the promise of America.”

The spot shows him talking with people in various settings. Barnes recounts his mom working as a teacher and his dad on third shift. He vows to bring manufacturing back and “stock our shelves with American products” while saying others want to “send our jobs overseas.”

“I know the promise of America, and no one will fight harder to protect it,” Barnes says to close the spot.

See the ads:

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