The Biden Administration, in an effort to combat the drug epidemic we face across the country, has proposed the funneling of $30 million in public funds through “The Harm Reduction Program” that will facilitate the continued use of drugs in our communities.

The use of American tax-payer dollars to provide drug users the means to continue their self-destructive habit is not only a betrayal of the public trust; it is an illegal violation of the 1994 Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act, a bill authored by then-Senator Biden himself.

My campaign wholly condemns the Biden Administration for their lack of leadership in tackling the very real issue of drug use in our country while simultaneously refusing to act on the very real threat posed at our southern border where unprecedented levels of illicit drugs flood in unchecked. Furthermore, my campaign condemns the Biden Administration for its use of public monies that exacerbates rampant drug use across the country, thereby decreasing safety and security in our neighborhoods.

This program will in fact increase, not reduce, harm in our communities and in our nation as a whole.

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