Wausau, WI –  Today, Dr. Gillian Battino received the endorsement of Secretary of State Doug La Fallotte, a 10 term steward of Wisconsin, and one of the most influential Democrats in the state.

“Gillian will be a true champion for the people of Wisconsin. In addition to her experience as a physician and healthcare advocate, I know Gillian  has a great knowledge and appreciation for the climate crisis that we are facing, and would be a partner to me and the entire delegation in our efforts to improve upon the stewardship of public lands, and improve and protect Wisconsin’s environment for generations to come,” La Follette said.

“I am honored to receive the endorsement of Secretary La Follette.  He is a true fighter for Wisconsin on so many fronts, and together, I know we can create real change for Wisconsin families.

  • Dr. Gillian Battino

Secretary of State Doug La Follette has been involved with Wisconsin politics since the 1970s.

He was part of the original group that founded Earth Day here in Wisconsin and across the country. SOS Doug La Follette won his first election to the State Senate representing the Kenosha area in 1972. He is currently the longest serving non-federal office holder in the country.

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