WISCONSIN — Black Leaders Organizing for Communities is proud to announce our endorsed candidates for the 2022 spring election. These candidates have not only displayed their passion by stepping up to be public servants, but by setting themselves apart by their values. Endorsed candidates include union organizer Juan Miguel Martinez for Milwaukee County Board, District 12, who has been an outspoken advocate for policies in addressing the stark economic and racial disparities facing Milwaukeeans of color.

“BLOC has been at the forefront, investing in a year round canvassing program, because we know the importance of talking to our community about what impacts Black Milwaukeeans day in and day out” said BLOC Executive Director Angela Lang. “We are at a critical moment, we need candidates with visionary solutions. Our communities cannot continue to be collateral damage from the failed policies of the status quo. That is why we are proudly endorsing this slate of candidates. They have spoken to their vision and commitment in creating thriving communities throughout Southeastern Wisconsin, and we plan to help push them over the hump this final week.”

After asking questions on policing, safety, the economy and jobs, in addition to healthcare, we found Eric, Sam, and Juan were all aligned with BLOC’s values. Our BLOC Agenda lays out the blueprint to build thriving Black communities.

Black Leaders also endorsed, Marine Corps. Veteran and Teacher Sam Roochnik for Kenosha Unified School Board, At Large, and current Racine County Supervisor Eric Hopkins, District 9, who has been a leader in the community


“I am proud to be a BLOC endorsed candidate” Juan Miguel Martinez said. “I believe in the BLOC mission because it reflects the communities desire and calls for a government that works for all people. I look forward to continuing to fight for Milwaukee County. There is more work to do for those working families facing rising costs and a myriad of other issues.”


BLOC is a non-profit advocacy organization that empowers Black leaders with the tools, training, and resources needed to organize and guarantee that their issues, concerns, and values are represented at all levels of government. Through that accountability and representation we are building long term political power. In 2018 we knocked over 227,000 doors on the Northside of Milwaukee, helping elect Sen. Tammy Baldwin, Governor and Lt. Gov. Tony Evers and Mandela Barnes. In 2020 we navigated a pandemic that ravaged working class Black communities and made over 235,000 calls and over 557,000 texts to drive turnout, helping elect President Joseph Biden. We look forward to working with those State, and Federal leaders, as well as our endorsed local candidates in driving Wisconsin—and the United States in a progressive direction for all.

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