Milwaukee, Wisconsin —In yesterday’s historic primary, three BLOC endorsed candidates will move on to the November election. Building on the momentum of the energy and coalition to win, we are thrilled to continue our support to ensure these candidates get across the finish line come November 8th, 2022.

“We knew all five candidates that went through our endorsement process approached their campaigns with an energy we have rarely seen before” said BLOC Deputy Director Keisha Robinson, “The real work begins now—continuing the conversations in our communities, letting folks know why Mandela Barnes, Darrin Madison, and Sara Rodriguez are the most qualified candidates for the offices they seek. These are candidates that will enact the policies to equip our communities with the tools and funding necessary to thrive”. We are proud to have Mandela Barnes for U.S. Senate, Sara Rodriguez for Lt. Governor, and Darrin Madison for Wisconsin Assembly district 10 continue their campaigns; championing solutions facing Wisconsinites around the state. When it comes to the challenges that face us: affordable housing, building safer communities, preparing for climate change, these candidates have demonstrated their leadership. We need leaders in office who will make the best decision for our communities, not the politically expedient choice, or committing to the bidding of wealthy, corporate backers.

We want to thank Angelito Tenorio and Alexia Sabor for running campaigns filled with visionary leadership, and a dedication to improving the lives of millions of Wisconsin residents. We know they will both continue to make a difference, and serve their communities as they fight for a better tomorrow in Wisconsin.

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