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Your request for Nicholson to drop out? Myopic idea, really bad!

I need not remind you how important this election is, with the Mayor of Milwaukee, Governor, Senator up. Until Trump came along, we had our butts handed to us, in Presidential races.

We got our asses kicked in the last twelve elections, statewide, yet the party is still in bad shape to win.

To win we must go after the 800,000 Blue collar families that did not vote because we have failed to give them a reason to do so. Stacey Abrams registered one million voters for the Dems in Georgia. How many have we done?

Sending out stupid post cards and enriching RJ, and others with commissions on TV ads, will never replace grass roots efforts that the GOP has ignored for 25 years since Tommy, under Bill McCoshen and the rest of us, won Milwaukee County.

We cannot win elections sitting on asses in Mad city. I was there and was leader when we won Reagan, and Nixon as south side coordinator- both times we won. To do that we cannot concede Milwaukee County. We must duplicate what is done in Waukesha County, on the south side.

Nicholson and our group have been all over state signing up new people, to our grass roots army, so we need everyone in the fight; then all back the winners at the Chicken Burn, 53rd on August 28th.

Your demand for Nicholson to drop out of Governors race? Winners in strong primaries have much better chance of going on to win and we all will get behind them.

Check Feingold!

Kevin Nicholson won fifty-five counties, a few years back, against Leah, so he has a message that will bring in new people which the GOP desperately needs, losing twelve in row. The GOP having 1/10th the members of “No Better Friend”, or the Wisconsin Conservative Digest. Must move out and get more people into the Inner circle.

People in Wisconsin hate the Mad city/Milwaukee axis; that runs the state. We need those people, who have been ignored by the Swamp in Madison, and this is the chance to get them and then go on to win.

If your candidate feels that she cannot win the primary, then she should help Kevin.

There are 800,000 Blue collar families that did not vote in 2018, 473, 000 Sportsmen, plus a lot more. We need them the Vets, the women, and others that Kevin will be engaging. Slug it out on the issues and we show Wisconsin what needs to be fixed.

Keep fighting to get the kids to read, Fight crime, worst in century, we have lost jobs under Evers, and we are setting records in drug overdoses. Mostly young women.

We will help solve those problems by backing the winner.

– Dohnal is publisher of the Wisconsin Conservative Digest.


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