MILWAUKEE- Peter Burgelis announced additional endorsements today from local elected officials and other leaders signaling a gain in approval from people who represent Milwaukee county’s government, those who have run from office before, and those who connect frequently with other voters and participate in all levels of government. Burgelis is running for Milwaukee County Supervisor for Milwaukee County’s 15th District in the spring 2022 election. He currently works as a mortgage lender, helping families secure financing for their homes. State Representative Marisabel Cabrera, County Supervisor Ryan Clancy, Labor Activist Missy Zombor who was a former District 15 candidate, and political activist Dawn Martin have all endorsed Burgelis. He believes this uptick in support from visible community members will increase his chance for success this spring.

“I try not to be too proud but it is hard not to point to the organizations and people who believe I am the best fit and most qualified person to represent all of us as your county supervisor. Our local leaders recently endorsed my campaign because they see my care and passion for this district, they witnessed my dedication to positive change, and they heard from my neighbors how I continue to be involved, and listen to their concerns when I knock on their doors. That is why they endorsed my campaign and that is why I am happy to run and would be proud to serve you as your next county supervisor,” Burgelis stated. Read the full list here.

The election for District 15 Supervisor will be held on April 5th, 2022.

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