The Operating Engineers Local 139, the North Central States Regional Council of Carpenters (NCSRCC) and the Wisconsin Laborers’ District Council are proud to endorse Mike Gallagher in his reelection bid for Wisconsin’s Eighth Congressional District this November.

Congressman Gallagher is a strong supporter of the building trades as shown by his demonstrated commitment to vote in support of the Davis-Bacon Act. As a Marine veteran, Gallagher respects those that work hard to better themselves and their country and that is exactly what the men and women of the Operating Engineers, Carpenters and Laborers do every day here in Wisconsin.

“Our members appreciate Congressman Gallagher’s support for the work they do to improve our infrastructure throughout Wisconsin,” said Terry McGowan, President/Business Manager of Operating Engineers Local 139. “As we continue to move forward and expand our membership, we appreciate elected leaders like Congressman Gallagher who exhibit the courage to support policies like Davis-Bacon prevailing wages that enhance the lives of the working men and women of the Operating Engineers.”

“Davis-Bacon prevailing wages create a level playing field throughout the construction industry, and they prevent contractors from engaging in the race to the bottom for workers’ wages,” said Kent Miller, President/Business Manager of the Wisconsin Laborers’ District Council.  “Our union thanks Representative Gallagher for voting to stand with working families by preserving Davis-Bacon prevailing wages.”

“The Carpenters back candidates based on their record of support of our members and their families,” said Andrew Disch, Political Director of NCSRCC. “While representing the 8th Congressional District, Rep. Gallagher has supported union carpenters on several top issues, notably the federal Davis-Bacon law.”

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