La Crosse, WI (July 18, 2022): To date, 1,900+ responses and comments have been collected from the public, to provide feedback about the comprehensive plan for the City of La Crosse.


In early April, the City of La Crosse began the process of updating Confluence, the City of La Crosse’s Comprehensive Plan via Forward La Crosse, a campaign to encourage public involvement in the planning process. This campaign, with the help of the citizens of La Crosse, WI, will create an action plan guiding decision making and investment.


The campaign addresses issues and opportunities, housing, transportation, economic development, intergovernmental cooperation, land use, utilities, community facilities, agricultural, natural and cultural resources, and plan implementation.


Currently, the five ways to participate include the survey (1) offering the chance to share insights about what life is like in La Crosse and what residents hope to see in the future. Leave comments and photos on a digital map (2) highlighting opportunities for parks and recreation, historic preservation, transportation, and more. Share priorities via the “voting game.” (3) and identify which principles (4) should be prioritized to guide La Crosse’s future. The visual preference survey (5) is a short survey where you select images that you prefer related to the design of buildings, streets, and public spaces across the City.


Community feedback can be submitted online until Friday July 29, 2022. 


Further in-person community feedback and engagement opportunities will be announced soon. In-person meetings include multiple public engagement opportunities, resident panels, interviews, and focus groups.


Thes online modules are also accessible at the La Crosse Public Library at 800 Main Street in La Crosse, WI during regular business hours via a dedicated computer terminal.


Visitors to have the opportunity to access interactive features designed to make providing feedback simple, easy, and fun.

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