MADISON, WI – The Partisan Primary is on Tuesday, Aug. 9, 2022.

In the August Partisan Primary, each political party narrows down its candidates for the November election. You may vote for candidates in only one political party of your choice. Your voter registration is not associated with a political party. Your voted ballot is secret.

When you mark a party preference at the top of your ballot:

  1. Make sure you select individual candidates, too. If you do not vote for any candidates, no votes on your ballot will count.
  2. Only the votes in your party of preference will count.  If you mistakenly vote for candidates in other parties, the tabulator will ignore those selections in other parties.

If you do not mark a party preference at the top of your ballot AND you vote in more than one political party, nothing on your ballot will be counted.

You can find a sample ballot for your address at

We encourage voters to confirm their polling place before heading out to vote on August 9. You can look up your polling place address using the MyVote Wisconsin website or go to

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