MADISON, WI – Friday, Apr. 1 is the last day before the Spring Election that voters can register  to vote before Election Day. Voter registration is not available the Saturday, Sunday, or Monday  before an election. Voters are able to register at their polling place on Election Day. 

You can check your voter registration on the MyVote Wisconsin website. If you moved on or  before March 8 – even to a new apartment in the same building – you will need to update your  voter registration. If you moved within 28 days of the election (after March 8), you will not have  been at your new address long enough to establish residency for voting purposes. You will only  be eligible to vote at the polling place for your previous address. 

Proof of residence is needed when registering to vote and it may be electronic. You can use  any of the following documents can be used as proof of residence. The name and address on  the document need to be current, and they need to match the name and address you list on  the voter registration form: 

  • Utility bill issued in the last 90 days (water, gas, electric, phone, cable, or internet) Bank statement (bank, credit union, credit card, mortgage) 
  • Current and valid Wisconsin driver license/ID 
  • Government document (federal, state, county, municipal, tribal, UW, Madison College,  or public school) 
  • Paycheck 
  • Residential lease effective on day of registration 
  • Certified housing list from UW-Madison or Edgewood College (available at the polls on  Election Day) 
  • Affidavit from a social service agency providing services to the homeless Contract or intake document from a nursing home or residential care facility 

To determine your polling place, visit

About the City of Madison Clerk’s Office 

The City of Madison Clerk’s Office is an administrative agency of Wisconsin’s second-largest  municipality. We administer all elections for the municipality and license bars and restaurants within the  City’s boundaries. The City of Madison has over 170,000 registered voters and more than 650 licensed  alcohol establishments. We believe that we create a more equitable, thriving city by serving each  resident and voter with dignity and respect. Visit for more information. Find  voting information for the City of Madison at Follow us on Twitter,  Instagram, and Facebook @MadisonWIClerk. 


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