The City of Madison Traffic Engineering Division is again looking to hire a number of qualified candidates to work part-time as a School Crossing Guard for the remainder of the school year. The position is an integral part of safe walking and biking to school. Crossing Guards help children safely cross the street and serve as a visual reminder to drivers to slow down and follow traffic laws.

“We are in urgent need of some heroes. The time commitment is small, but the positive impact is immense,” said Alex Stewart, Crossing Guard Supervisor. “The role of Crossing Guard is so important to student safety and public service.”

Apply soon to be a part of this dedicated group as the City prepares to fill multiple current vacancies. The time commitment for Crossing Guards is typically 10-15 hours per week, dependent on the assigned location. Qualified candidates will have a positive presence and a desire to help their community and make it possible for children to walk and bike to school safely.

If you are interested in finding out additional information and learning how to apply for the Crossing Guard (hourly) position, visit City of Madison Jobs 


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