MILWAUKEE, WI – Planning is underway for new neighborhood improvement projects throughout Milwaukee as part of the City’s Healing Spaces Initiative.


The Healing Spaces Initiative provides residents the opportunity to build relaxing natural environments on available City-owned vacant lots that help eliminate blighted spaces, improve public safety, and create new gathering spaces that strengthen Milwaukee neighborhoods.


These projects are envisioned by local residents and are the result of robust community outreach efforts. The Healing Spaces Initiative is coordinated through the City of Milwaukee’s Neighborhood Improvement Development Corporation (NIDC).


On Tuesday, March 29, at 11:00am (CT), NIDC staff will host a virtual planning kick-off event to discuss the inspiration, design and eligibility of potential projects, timelines and responsibilities, potential community partners to engage, how residents and organizations can apply, and more. Additional information about this virtual event is available HERE.


This year, neighborhood projects will occur in the 6th, 7th and 15th Aldermanic Districts and may include pathways, benches, flower gardens, solar lights, Little Free Libraries and more. All Healing Space Initiative projects are ADA accessible.


Public spaces are an important part of urban life. They provide a relaxing time-out from city-life, recharging one’s spirit and allowing residents to enjoy their surroundings. The healing spaces will create a sense of comfort while being accessible to all.


Residents and/or community-based organizations are encouraged to submit project proposals by April 15. Learn more about the Healing Spaces Initiative HERE.


To volunteer at a future project work day, please email [email protected].

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