City of Racine– Today Mayor Mason and Public Health Administrator Dottie-Kay Bowersox are proud to announce the hiring of John Tate, II as the city’s new Violence Prevention Manager.  

“I am pleased to welcome John Tate, II as the first ever City of Racine Violence Prevention Manager.  John has a proven record of public service and community work.  While John had opportunities for public service in other communities I am pleased he has chosen to do this work in his hometown.  The City continues to invest in traditional law enforcement. The creation of this position allows us to bring an additional public health perspective to crime and crime prevention.  We know we need to use every tool available to us to reduce violent crime.  The violence prevention manager will allow us to work in partnership with the community on evidence based strategies to reduce crime.”       Cory Mason, Mayor

John Tate, II joins the City of Racine with a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Loyola University, having served on the City Common Council as Alder of the 3rd District since April of 2017 and President of the Common Council since 2021.  John has served three years as the Chair on the Wisconsin Parole Commission working with the Commission as the final parole-granting authority for the State of Wisconsin.   John Tate, II has worked locally as a social worker and mental health specialist with diverse groups of residents representing different socio-economic, racial, and ethnic backgrounds.

“We are looking forward to working with John Tate, II to implement our group violence intervention by working with community member, social services, and law enforcement.  John Tate, II is a proven leader with deep ties to the Racine community.  We are excited to support him and the City of Racine in their work to reduce community gun violence.” Nick Loumos, Group Violence Intervention Field Advisor, National Network for Safe Communities

The major job duties of the newly created Manager of Violent Prevention include:

• Leading a public health approach to the development, implementation, and management of comprehensive, city-wide strategies to reduce youth violence and facilitate positive youth development throughout the City of Racine

•Oversee the City’s participation in the development and implementation of a community-wide plan to facilitate positive youth development and violence prevention interventions

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