City of Racine – Today, City of Racine announced it has launched a new app for iPhone and Android users called Racine Recycles. The app, which can be found in your favorite app store, allows City residents to stay up to date with their solid waste collection schedules, and be notified about a variety of City services including leaf collection, weather advisories, and other relevant information and breaking news. The app also contains useful tips and information on where bulky items like furniture and electronics can be donated for re-use or dropped off for disposal. 

“We created the app as an easy-to-use tool for City residents to stay up to date with City services. The City will use the app to send notifications about leaf collection, snow emergencies, changes to solid waste and recycling schedules, and alternate street side parking, among other things. Our goal is to make sure residents don’t miss garbage collection because of a holiday, or get a parking ticket because of a snow emergency,” said Racine Mayor Cory Mason.    

To install the app, simply go to the app store on your iPhone or Android device and search for “Racine recycles”. After you download the app, enter your address, and turn on notifications. The process is quick and easy.  

Approximately 70 percent of City households have already signed up for City notifications through the Department of Public Works “ReCollect” website. The Racine Recycles app provides the same information to residents but in a more convenient format on your phone.  

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