RYDE buses to participate by honoring Rosa Parks with memorials on City buses  


City of Racine – The City of Racine joins transit rider unions, community organizations, environmental groups, and labor unions across the United States in commemorating the birthday of Rosa Parks by declaring that equitable access to quality mass transit is a civil right. Rosa Parks was an activist in the Civil Rights Movement most known for her critical role in the Montgomery bus boycott. Transit Equity Day is a national day of action meant to amplify the cause of safe, sustainable, and equitable public transportation for all people and communities.

At the meeting of the Common Council this past Tuesday, Mayor Mason read into the record a proclamation, declaring February 4th Transit Equity Day and stating that the City’s newly-minted Transit Department will take part in Transit Equity Day. When riders board a RYDE Racine bus this Friday, they will see that a seat has been reserved in honor of Rosa Parks’ courage and contributions to civil rights. Each bus will have a seat occupied by a single rose and poster featuring the Parks’ quote, “We must have courage — determination — to go on with the task of becoming free — not only for ourselves, but for the nation and the world.”

“This will be the first year the City of Racine celebrates Transit Equity Day. RYDE Racine reserving a seat in honor of Rosa Parks symbolizes our community’s commitment to her legacy. Commemorating leaders like Parks is important in Racine because it serves as a reminder of where we have been and the need to continue progress on racial equity,” stated 2nd District Alder Mollie Jones, Chairwoman of the Transit Commission.

“The City of Racine has a powerful history of social justice and civic participation in the struggle for a more equitable society. On Transit Equity Day, it is important to highlight not only the contributions of Rosa Parks, but also local civil rights pioneers who made the cause of justice their own. Corinne Reid-Owens, who is memorialized by the name of our historic Transit Center, was a leading figure in the civil rights movement, championing issues like fair housing and education locally. Racine is a stronger community today because of leaders like Parks and Reid-Owens who had the bravery and determination to create change.” stated Mayor Mason.

RYDE Racine is the City of Racine’s public transit agency serving the mass transit and paratransit needs of residents in eastern Racine County.

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