Madison, Wis. — Today, the Clean Wisconsin Action Fund proudly endorses the following candidates  for Wisconsin State Senate in this year’s elections: 

  • Senate District 3: Tim Carpenter 
  • Senate District 5: Tom Palzewicz 
  • Senate District 7: Chris Larson 
  • Senate District 15: Mark Spreitzer 
  • Senate District 25: Kelly Westlund  
  • Senate District 27: Dianne Hesselbein 
  • Senate District 31: Jeff Smith  

“Senators Carpenter, Larson and Smith and Representatives Hesselbein and Spreitzer have been  consistent and committed supporters of the environment,” said Board Chair Gary Goyke. “We have no  doubt Ms. Westlund and Mr. Palzewicz will also be strong advocates for clean water, clean air and  clean energy in Wisconsin.” 

The Clean Wisconsin Action Fund will announce additional endorsements in the coming weeks,  including endorsements for State Assembly candidates.  

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