Madison, Wis. — Today, Clean Wisconsin Action Fund proudly endorses the following candidates for  the Dane County Board of Supervisors: 

  • District 14: Anthony Gray 
  • District 20: Scott Michalak 
  • District 24: Sarah Smith 
  • District 25: Tim Kiefer  
  • District 28: Michele Doolan 
  • District 30: Pat Downing 
  • District 31: Jerry Bollig 
  • District 34: Patrick Miles 
  • District 36: Melissa Ratcliff 
  • District 37: Kate McGinnity 

“Dane County needs leaders who not only understand the environmental challenges in the county but  have the will and vision to meaningfully address them. These ten candidates have what it takes to do  just that,” said Gary Goyke, board chair of the Clean Wisconsin Action Fund. 

The general election for seats on the Dane County Board of Supervisors will take place on April 5. The  Clean Wisconsin Action Fund strongly encourages voters to support these candidates.  

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