Madison, Wis. — Today, Clean Wisconsin Action Fund proudly endorses Eric Olson for Portage  County Executive. 

“Eric Olson is the ideal candidate for Portage County residents who care about their water. Everyone  deserves clean, safe drinking water. He is committed to tackling the groundwater quality issues facing  the county by bringing together farmers, homeowners, and all stakeholders to collaboratively  develop innovative solutions to old problems,” said Gary Goyke, board chair of the Clean Wisconsin  Action Fund. 

“Portage County needs a leader who not only understands the environmental challenges in the county  but has the professional expertise and vision to meaningfully address them. Eric Olson is such a  leader,” Goyke said.  

The Portage County Executive general election will be on the April 5 ballot. The Clean Wisconsin  Action Fund strongly encourages voters to vote for Eric Olson.  

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