MILWAUKEE – Today County Clerk George Christenson joined Pastor Greg Lewis of Souls to the Polls, Shauntay Nelson of All Voting is Local and members of SEIU, as well as County Supervisors Felesia A. Martin and Steven Shea for an event promoting a County Board proposal to provide funding to the Milwaukee County Election Commission for a voter education and outreach campaign. 


“Our democracy is strongest when everyone has a voice. Unfortunately, it is often the most marginalized among us who get left out of our democratic process,” said Clerk Christenson. “I support all measures that aim to improve voter education and awareness, as well as efforts to improve the accuracy, security, transparency, and accessibility of our voting processes. My work is not done until every eligible voter casts their ballot on Election Day – regardless of the candidate, party, or issue.” 


Clerk Christenson has led several initiatives to increase voter turnout in Milwaukee County. In 2016 the Election Commission launched the “Bring It to the Ballot” Voter ID campaign which encouraged individuals to vote, educated the public on the Voter ID Law, and helped them learn how to register. In 2020, he developed the Vote Your Way Access to the Polls campaign to educate voters on how to vote safely during the Covid-19 pandemic, how to register, where to vote and what identification to bring to the polls. This effort contributed to a 14% increase in voter registration throughout Milwaukee County between January 1, 2020 and December 1, 2020. 


If passed by the County Board, these funds will be implemented for the November 8, 2022 General Election.  

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