MADISON, Wisc – Congressman Mark Pocan joined State Treasurer Sarah Godlewski and Peter Burress of Wisconsin Conservation Voters last week in Madison to call out climate change denier Senator Ron Johnson for putting the profits of his Big Oil campaign contributors ahead of Wisconsin families. Senator Johnson has received more than $296,000 from the oil and gas lobby to support his reelection and more than $855,000 in his career. He’s also voted against climate action and clean energy more than 30 times, most recently voting against the Inflation Reduction Act.

Johnson also voted against climate action and clean energy at least 30 times during his time in the Senate, killing jobs in Wisconsin while keeping the state dependent on foreign oil. 

Event participants also drove home what’s at stake for Wisconsin on Election Day and underscored the importance of electing pro-climate leaders like Gov. Tony Evers, Mandela Barnes, and the rest of the Democratic ticket.

“This November, the choice facing Wisconsin voters is simple. Either vote for Mandela Barnes, a proven leader unafraid to stand up to Big Oil, or climate change denier Ron Johnson, who helps fuel their record profits,” said Congressman Mark Pocan. “We owe it to future generations to get this right. Unlike Senator Johnson, who calls climate change bullsh*t, Wisconsin voters understand that climate change is a real, immediate, and growing threat to public health, the environment, and our economy. It’s also the reason why we must do everything in our power these next twelve days to re-elect Gov. Tony Evers, send Mandela Barnes to the U.S. Senate, and support the rest of the pro-climate Democratic ticket.”

“Senator Ron Johnson has time and again put his Big Oil donors ahead of the working people of Wisconsin,” said State Treasurer Sarah Godlewski. “Johnson’s votes to expand fossil fuels and enrich oil and gas executives and their shareholders while leaving Wisconsinites behind are catastrophic for our climate and bad for our economy. By blocking clean energy, Johnson is taking away good-paying job opportunities for Wisconsin workers and forcing us to remain dependent on pricey foreign oil. The billions we spend each year importing oil can – and should – stay in our state. Mandela Barnes’ commitment to expanding clean energy means thousands of new good-paying jobs.” 

Johnson’s anti-climate record has left Wisconsinites dependent on fossil fuels and vulnerable to price-gouging and corporate greed in another likely booming quarter for the industry. These sky-high profits result from oil executives keeping prices artificially high, maximizing their bottom line while Wisconsinites suffer rising prices.

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