Milwaukee, Wis — As Senator Ron Johnson and Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes take to the debate stage tonight for the second time, the climate crisis remains at the forefront of many Wisconsin voters’ minds. At last week’s debate, the differences between Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes and Senator Ron Johnson were crystal clear.

Senator Johnson spread more disinformation about climate change while providing no meaningful solutions for tackling the climate crisis, lower energy costs, and expanding clean energy jobs in Wisconsin. 

With Election Day less than a month away, Johnson, who dismisses climate change as “bullsh*t,” owes Wisconsin voters answers to these six questions:

  1. Can you explain your opposition to the Inflation Reduction Act, which experts say will create millions of clean energy jobs over the next decade, save the average Wisconsin homeowner over 20% on their utility bills, and invest $4 billion in large-scale clean power generation and storage?
  1. Wisconsin has experienced cycles of drought and flooding that have turned the Great Lakes into the “erratic high seas of the Midwest.” Last year, Lake Michigan hit record-high water levels. Climate change will undoubtedly bring more extreme storms to Wisconsin, heightening the risk of severe flooding and far-ranging consequences for public health and safety. Will you please explain to voters why you dismiss climate change as “bullsh*t”?
  2. While Wisconsinites face increasing prices at the pump, with average gas prices reaching nearly $4 a gallon again, oil and gas companies are raking in tens of billions in record profits. Earlier this year, the U.S. House passed legislation prohibiting oil and gas companies from profiteering at the pump. Why haven’t you supported similar price-gouging legislation in the Senate?
  3. Clean energy industries are projected to see significant growth over the coming decade. How would you work to bring clean energy jobs to Wisconsin and ensure Wisconsinites are well-positioned to compete for these new jobs?
  4. Communities of color in Wisconsin bear the brunt of air pollution and exposure to 26% more dangerous particulate matter than average – Black residents, 41% more. Would you support the Environmental Justice for All Act, which addresses the disproportionate effects of federal laws and programs on communities of color, low-income communities, and tribal and indigenous communities?
  5. In your bid for re-election, you’ve taken more than $215k from Big Oil and Gas and more than $800k in your career. As Senator, you’ve also voted against climate action and clean energy more than 30 times, most recently voting against the Inflation Reduction Act. Can you explain to Wisconsin voters why they should trust you to stand up to Big Oil special interests? 
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