Milwaukee, WI – Organizers representing several different political, community, campus, and labor groups are joining together to form a new coalition whose purpose is to host a major demonstration during the week of the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee in 2024. There will be a press conference just outside City Hall two hours after the decision is made final on Friday, August 5.

“We welcome the opportunity to rally the masses of people across the country in opposition to the Republicans and their racist, sexist, bigoted, anti-worker agenda,” said Omar Flores, one of the spokespeople for the new coalition. “We’ll bring the fight right to their doorstep at their national convention in 2024.”

Before it was postponed, the various organizations comprising the coalition were set to host a rally and march on August 20 when Donald Trump and a coterie of other far-right ideologues were coming to Milwaukee as a part of the “American Freedom Tour”. The plan to demonstrate remains in place for whenever the tour eventually does come to the city.

“Donald Trump continues to represent the worst and most dangerous elements in this country, so even though he’s no longer in office it’s important that his presence be met with popular opposition,” said Aurelia Ceja, a member of the Milwaukee Alliance, one of the handful of organizations to have already joined the coalition. “We’ll be ready for him whenever he decides to come back to Milwaukee.”

Many of these organizations served as the core of the Coalition to March on the DNC back in 2019 and 2020 when the Democrats held their convention in Milwaukee. The coalition is seeking to unite as many different organizations under its banner as possible. Over the course of the next two years in the lead up to the RNC, representatives from the component organizations will discuss general and particular conditions and make plans for the demonstration.

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