MILWAUKEE — In an interview published on Rumble, a right-wing online video platform, Sen. Ron Johnson stated falsely that it “may be true” that COVID-19 vaccines cause AIDS. In response to this misleading comment from the senator, Dr. Ann Helms, a critical care neurologist in Milwaukee and the Wisconsin State Lead for the Committee to Protect Health Care, released the following statement:

“With his spreading of dangerous disinformation about vaccines and vitriolic language regarding AIDS, Sen. Ron Johnson has once again proven that he has no business being an elected official. As physicians, we have remained crystal clear: COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective — and any allegation that they cause AIDS is false and ludicrous. Sen. Ron Johnson’s ongoing attacks are another slap in the face to the health care workers who have sacrificed so much during this pandemic to keep our patients safe. If Sen. Johnson truly cared about his constituents’ health, he’d stop trying to repeal the ACA, quit spreading gross disinformation about vaccines, and start trying to get more people access to health care.”

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