WISCONSIN — Yesterday, bipartisan negotiators announced an agreement on a $10 billion supplemental funding package for COVID-19 response. The package includes funding to continue our access to vaccines, boosters, testing, and therapeutics.

In response, Coronavirus War Room Director Nicole Haley released the following statement:

“Yesterday’s announcement puts forth a package that provides the government with the vital tools necessary to continue our fight against COVID-19. The vaccines, boosters, tests and therapeutics provided by this funding will help us continue to get the economy back on track, keep schools open, and stay safe and healthy. More funding will be needed in the future, but this is a step forward and should be passed swiftly.

However, the lack of $5 billion for the global pandemic response is a frustrating and disappointing omission. This means the entire world will be more susceptible to the rise of new variants, prolonging the pandemic and putting lives at risk in America and around the globe. The funding is vital for our COVID-19 response and must be included in future funding packages.

Americans are already feeling the loss of services because of the lack of funding. Today, uninsured Americans will lose access to free vaccines, and they have already lost access to free testing and treatment for COVID-19. Republicans must join with Democrats and pass this funding as soon as possible in order to prevent any more interruption in the fight against COVID-19.”

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