WEST BEND, WI — Washington County Sheriff Martin Schulteis joins other county sheriffs in endorsing Justice Daniel Kelly in the race for Wisconsin Supreme Court.

“Law enforcement officers shouldn’t consider whether they personally agree with a law before they arrest someone for breaking that law. The same idea holds true for Supreme Court Justices. They should put personal politics aside and make decisions based on the law as written and not how they wish it were written.

“That’s why I’m endorsing Justice Daniel Kelly for the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Justice Kelly has a solid record of applying the law to cases before him and standing by the constitution when it comes to our rights, and freedoms. This is not the time to settle for less. Join me in supporting Justice Daniel Kelly for the Wisconsin Supreme Court”

Sheriff Martin Schulteis was first elected sheriff in 2018 after serving more than 30 years in the Washington County Sheriff’s Office. 

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