Courageous Leaders PAC has issued two ads backing U.S. Senate candidate Mandela Barnes, with one featuring former President Obama slamming U.S. Ron Johnson as a millionaire “looking out for his rich friends.”

The group did not immediately respond to an email inquiry about how much was spent on the ads, where they would run and on what platforms. According to AdImpact, the group is spending $150,000 on paid media over the final week of the race.

The spot with the two-term Dem president features Obama’s comments during a Milwaukee rally supporting Barnes and Gov. Tony Evers. Obama slams Johnson for calling Social Security a “Ponzi scheme” and supporting making Social Security and Medicare part of annual discretionary spending, among other things.

“So when you see ads implying that Mandela’s somehow dangerous and different, ask yourself: who knows more about your life?” Obama says. “This millionaire whose top priority seems to be looking out for his rich friends, or a guy from a working class family who understands what Wisconsinites are going through each and every day?”

The second ad shows photos of Barnes with his parents, calling him the son of a teacher and third shift factory worker.

The spot also shows Barnes interacting with voters as a voice-over says he will “rebuild the middle class, restore women’s reproductive freedom” and “give all of us — not just the rich and powerful — a shot at the American dream.”

Watch the ads:

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