Making potential robbers who want to make a quick exit thank twice, this proven deterrent electronically forces a waiting period for pharmacy staff to open the safe to access contents like controlled substance narcotics.

The company’s effort to make communities safer comes in time for the busy holiday shopping season.

Story highlights include:

  • Of Wisconsin’s 80 CVS Pharmacy locations, there are currently: 30 across Greater Milwaukee; 14 throughout Greater Madison; and nearly 10 throughout Green Bay-Appleton.
  • In addition to Wisconsin, all CVS stores in 12 other states have also been equipped with this safety measures – for a total of 800 locations.
  • In 2015, CVS Health installed time delay safes in the Indianapolis area and saw a 70% drop in pharmacy robberies. After expanding into other markets nationwide, a 50% decline in pharmacy robberies resulted in those local communities.
  • With this technology’s new expansion, CVS Pharmacy stores in a total of 45 states and the District of Columbus will now be protected, including our pharmacies in Target and Schnucks.
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