[Fond du Lac, WI…]  Today Fond du Lac County District Attorney Eric Toney, law enforcement’s choice for Attorney General, today applauded the decision by the Wisconsin Supreme Court to locate absentee ballot drop boxes in properly monitored locations. “The proliferation of absentee ballot drop boxes outside the parameters of the law damaged voter’s confidence in our election process. Combined with the intent of certain counties to make a process originally intended to protect public health during a pandemic permanent it was clear that the Court needed to step in. The fact that Josh Kaul allowed such processes to go unchallenged is yet another reason why he is a failed Attorney General and needs to go.”

District Attorney Toney, law enforcement’s choice for attorney general, is endorsed by more than 100 sheriffs, district attorneys, and police chiefs. He is also endorsed by the Milwaukee Police Association (MPA), WI Fraternal Order of Police, and the Racine Police Association.  The MPA said their decision to endorse Toney was a ‘matter of life and death’ as the state’s largest city is experiencing record crime and murder rates.

Fond du Lac County, District Attorney
GOP Candidate for Attorney General

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