As if the Republicans’ primary wasn’t messy enough, Donald Trump will visit Wisconsin this evening to campaign for his horse in the GOP gov primary race, Tim Michels. The visit from Trump is sure to make the infighting and chaos in the GOP primary even worse than it already is.

Before Trump’s visit, the primary has been defined by mudslinging, division, dueling endorsements from national Republicans, and far-right toxic policies. Let’s recap this messy primary:

  • Things got messy after Wisconsin Republicans failed to come together and endorse a candidate at their state convention.

  • Then, Trump endorsed Michels and Kleefisch got scared, leading her to run multiple attack ads against Michels.

  • Just a few weeks later, Pence endorsed Kleefisch, turning the primary into the ultimate Trump vs. Pence showdown, and Pence visited Wisconsin to campaign for her earlier this week.

  • Feeling the heat, Michels launched attack ads on Kleefisch even after calling her negative ads against him “just bad policy,” and bragging in a town hall, “I’ve never had a negative ad run by my campaign in this race.”

  • Throughout all the mudslinging, the candidates have raced to the right and embraced toxic far-right radical policies like banning abortion and embracing the Big Lie.

Even after the Trump visit, the infighting won’t go away, and it looks like the attacks will build right up to the moment Wisconsin Republicans cast their ballots on Tuesday.

“The brutal divisions caused by Michels and Kleefisch aren’t going to magically disappear after Tuesday,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “Whoever ekes out a win will have to deal with a Republican base more fractured than ever and policy positions that are radical and out of touch with the rest of the state.” 

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