MILWAUKEE — Following the February 15th primary, the Executive Board of the Democratic Party of Milwaukee County unanimously endorsed Acting Mayor Cavalier Johnson for Mayor of Milwaukee. While this race is nonpartisan, the Executive Board felt the stakes are too high to sit on the sidelines and said this on the endorsement:


“No matter what neighborhood in Milwaukee you live in, we all deserve a safe community with good paying jobs. A community like ours has unique strengths as well as tough challenges, and especially in the middle of a global pandemic, our city needs a leader who understands how their neighbors feel — whether they live in Walker’s Point or Bronzeville.

“What we don’t need is a politician like Bob Donovan. Bob has spent a career dividing Milwaukee and attacking our most vulnerable communities, especially communities of color. He is misguided on the priorities of Milwaukee residents and is campaigning not on substantive policy changes but on fear and anger. Recently, Bob started aligning himself with far-right conservative figures who share his vision for the city: a stagnated shell of its former self with no hope and no unity.

“We are giving our whole-hearted endorsement to Acting Mayor Cavalier Johnson. Cavalier is a leader who listens, and we believe in his solutions to transform Milwaukee into a growing city with safer streets and better jobs. Acting Mayor Johnson is the candidate for this pivotal moment in our community, and Democrats and progressives across our city must unite and vote for Cavalier on April 5th.”

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