The Department of Health Services (DHS) today provided an update on Wisconsin’s efforts to help health and residential care providers provide critical care to Wisconsinites during this COVID-19 surge. In collaboration with our state’s hospitals and long-term care providers, since October 19, 2021, DHS has worked with staffing agencies to recruit 567 nurses, nursing assistants, and other types of health care workers to support 72 health and residential care facilities like hospitals, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities across the state. This support is partially funded by resources provided to the state of Wisconsin under the American Rescue Plan Act.

“It is essential that our hospitals, nursing homes, and assisted living providers have the staff needed to provide critical care to folks across our state,” said Governor Tony Evers. “The good news today is that we have helped recruit nearly 600 temporary staff to provide critical care during the current COVID-19 surge. But I also want to be clear: our hospitals and health care systems are still under tremendous pressure, and they need every Wisconsinite to do our part to help stop the spread of COVID-19. I urge every Wisconsinite to mask up and get the COVID-19 vaccine or your booster dose if you haven’t received it already.”

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