WEST BEND, Wis. – The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) celebrates Serigraph, Inc., one of the state’s leading printers, for renewing its Green Tier contract and committing to protect the environment.

The DNR’s Green Tier program provides recognition to organizations who go above and beyond compliance for continual improvement in their environmental performance.

Serigraph joined Green Tier in 2006 as a Tier 1 participant, establishing their commitment to protecting natural resources through an environmental management system. They then transitioned to Tier 2 in 2011, further promising to improve their environmental impacts as they worked to go beyond what regulations require.

The 2022 contract renewal builds off of these efforts and allows Serigraph to obtain a Green Tier Registration Operation Permit (ROP-G). This special air permit allows for operational flexibilities and increased thresholds only to Tier 2 participants and their existing commitment to Green Tier requirements.

“The DNR is excited to continue our partnership with Serigraph,” said DNR Secretary Preston D. Cole. “Their participation in Green Tier is about leadership. They are paving the way through environmental protection while pursuing economic vitality.”

Serigraph is a print manufacturer of decorated products and in-store signs/displays providing components to both Original Equipment Manufacturers and the Point-of-Purchase advertising industry. The company’s products range from graphics for the instrument cluster in a car to the control panel on a dishwasher to promotional displays advertising sandwiches and soft drinks in a fast-food restaurant.

Serigraph has an ISO 14001 certified environmental management system, an internationally accepted certification standard for businesses which compliments the requirements of Green Tier. Leveraging their environmental management system has helped drive environmental improvements during their time in Green Tier.

These environmental improvements include facilitating the transitioning to using inks that reducing volatile organic compound emissions by nearly 25%, taking steps to reduce hazardous waste by 94%, pursuing technologies to reduce energy use and maintaining a 20-acre prairie on their campus.

“Serigraph has focused on sustainability for decades,” said Serigraph CEO Sean Torinus. “We are honored to be recognized as the Wisconsin business that has held Green Tier II status longer than any other. We celebrate the positive impact our efforts to protect the environment have had on our community and commit to continuing those efforts into the future.”

More information about Serigraph’s participation in the DNR’s Green Tier program is available on the DNR website here.

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