MADISON, Wis. – The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) today announced that the upcoming episode of the “Into the Outdoors” television show features forestry careers at the department.

The “Heroes of the Forest” episode will air March 19-20 on broadcast stations across Wisconsin. Check for local air timesThe ‘Heroes of the Forest’ episode will be also be available for online starting March 21, 2022.

In the episode, DNR Chief State Forester Heather Berklund sends the youth hosts on a “special mission” to find recruits to explore the diverse career opportunities for young people interested in natural resources.

Along the journey, they meet an array of forestry staff, including technology specialists, forest health experts, wildland firefighters and field foresters who help care for the 17-million-acre forest resource in Wisconsin. The hosts also learn about entry ways to forestry careers for their new recruits, including apprenticeships and technical college programs.

The DNR is focused on advancing diversity across the department to better meet the needs of the environment and the people it serves. As of June 2020, less than 20% of the DNR’s forestry staffers were women and less than 3% people of color. The DNR and its partners in the Wisconsin forestry community are working on various initiatives to educate youth about the importance of the forestry sector in Wisconsin.

“Creating a diverse workforce is a high priority for DNR. We want to introduce youth to a wide range of forestry careers available in Wisconsin and illustrate several pathways to enter the field of forestry,” said Berklund. “The field of forestry is exciting and offers something for everyone with a wide array of opportunities. This is an unprecedented time with the number of forestry jobs available in Wisconsin.”

Into the Outdoors is a 17-time Emmy Award-winning broadcast, public and streaming TV series that empowers youth and adults around them to think critically about our planet.

Learn more about forestry at the DNR here.

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