State Superintendent Dr. Jill Underly today released the following statement expressing her support for recent legislation aimed at providing access to free meals for children throughout the school year and the summer.


“Throughout the pandemic, our schools and their nutrition teams have worked to ensure Wisconsin’s children have access to the healthy meals they need. As any parent or teacher can tell you, kids are at their best when they have nutritious meals. This important work has been possible thanks to flexibilities granted through Congress and the USDA, and those flexibilities need to continue so our schools can, in turn, continue to meet our children’s needs for nutritious meals.

“We know Wisconsin families are counting on their schools to provide access to free meals for their children throughout the school year and the summer so all kids can continue to be their best selves; I want to commend Senator Baldwin for her co-sponsorship of the bipartisan Support Kids Not Red Tape Act, and to thank the Wisconsin delegation for their support of the legislation.”


This statement is also available here on the DPI’s website.

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