Department of Revenue Collections, March Fiscal Year 2022

General Purpose Revenue ($ in thousands – rounded)

  Collections for Month Collections to Date
Revenue Source FY21 FY22 % change FY21 FY22 % change
Individual Income          617,770          197,393 -68.0%      6,137,528      6,312,511 2.9%
Adjusted          362,808          197,393 -45.6%      6,137,528      6,312,511 2.9%
General Sales & Use          419,152          472,176 12.7%      3,994,285      4,481,856 12.2%
Corporate          276,320          391,555 41.7%      1,670,956      1,875,684 12.3%
Excise Taxes            48,732            42,149 -13.5%          449,845          436,603 -2.9%
Other              6,062              5,521 -8.9%          257,619          270,154 4.9%
Total GPR      1,368,036      1,108,795 -18.9%    12,510,233    13,376,809 6.9%
 Adjusted      1,113,073      1,108,795 -0.4%    12,510,233    13,376,809 6.9%

This report includes general purpose revenue (GPR) taxes collected by the Wisconsin Department of Revenue and does not include taxes collected by the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance, administrative fees, and other miscellaneous revenues. Total General Fund tax collections are reported in the Department of Administration’s Report of Monthly General Fund Financial Information, which includes GPR and program revenue taxes collected by all state agencies. 


  1. Enacted changes to individual income taxes (rate cuts and updated withholding tables) will be realized in January 2022.  Individual income tax revenues will decline due to the combination of large refunds (from the tax year 2021 rate cuts) and lower withholding on paychecks beginning in January.  As a result, growth rates will remain positive until January 2022, at which point they will slow and then turn negative.
  2. In fiscal year FY21, the adjusted lines for the Collections for the Month exclude withholding that was received on the first working days of March, rather than the last day of February, which was a weekend.  Collections to Date were not impacted.
  3. Individual Income includes 60.1% of pass-thru withholding. Corporate Income includes the remaining 39.9%.
  4. The Other category includes estate, utility, and real estate transfer tax collections.
  5. Total does not include insurance premium taxes.
  6. This report is generated from the STAR Accounting System. Timing differences may cause the amounts in this report to differ from reports produced by the Department of Administration.
  7. All data are preliminary and unaudited.
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