MADISON, Wis. — Any taxpayer who has previously filed a Wisconsin individual income tax return can now register forMy Tax Account (MTA) .  “Once registered, taxpayers can keep up to date with their Wisconsin tax account and homestead credit information,” notes Department of Revenue Secretary Peter Barca.   “Though tax season is still a couple months away, registering early can save you time in the long run.”  

With MTA, taxpayers can quickly, easily, and securely: 

  • check balances 
  • review previous refund and payment amounts 
  • sign up for electronic mail 
  • make and cancel payments 
  • sign up for an Identity Protection PIN 

When signing up, taxpayers will complete the initial identity verification steps, and DOR will mail a personal account registration letter with a unique code as a final verification step before granting account access. “We encourage taxpayers to do this now before tax season begins, so they are ready to quickly access their account once the season starts,” said Barca.

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