Madison, Wis. – The Department of Safety and Professional Services is entering the final stage of preparation for its new online, self-guided license application platform that will launch for most health initial applications on May 16.

To ensure a clean transfer of data to the new system, the department is suspending receipt of initial applications for health professions involved in the LicensE launch beginning at noon on April 29, 2022. Those professions are listed HERE. Any applications received for affected occupations will not be processed. On May 16, the department will resume accepting applications for licenses launching in LicensE.

All other DSPS services are not transitioning to LicensE and will remain fully operational without interruption. More specifically:

  • The department will continue to evaluate pending applications received before noon on April 29.
  • The department will continue to issue licenses without interruption.
  • The DSPS counter will be open.
  • The DSPS call center will be open.
  • All renewals will continue without interruption; they are not included in the May 16 LicensE launch.
  • Temporary pandemic-related licenses (also referred to as Act 10 licenses) are not included in the May 16 LicensE launch and will continue without interruption.
  • We will continue to receive and process all business, trades, and manufactured home applications and renewals without interruption; they are not included in the May 16 LicensE launch.

The Department of Safety and Professional Services is also offering two question-and-answer sessions about LicensE, the department’s new self-guided, online platform that is replacing paper-based applications for occupational licenses. The sessions will include a presentation on the new platform and the opportunity to ask agency staff and technology experts about the new platform.

The first session is Monday, May 2, 2022, from 2–3:15 p.m. The second session is Tuesday, May 3 from 10–11:15 a.m. Registration for these sessions has closed and interested individuals can contact the department to be added to a waitlist if space is available. The department will soon be announcing two additional Q&A sessions that will be held later in May.

“This modernization is long overdue,” said DSPS Secretary Dawn Crim. “We are eager for our customers to use LicensE and experience a better application process.”

The first phase of LicensE is launching on May 16, and nearly all health initial applications will transition to the platform on that day. Other licenses (initial applications and renewals) and operations will transition to LicensE in subsequent phases. The list of licenses moving to LicensE on May 16 is available HERE.

Anyone who has not yet submitted a license application is encouraged to wait until May 16 and apply in LicensE. Individuals who have already submitted an application but have not yet received a decision by the time LicensE launches should not re-apply in the new system. All open applications received by noon on April 29 will be processed, and duplicate applications can delay decisions.

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