The Democratic Governors Association has launched two new ads knocking Michels, including one on sexual harassment allegations at his family business.

The DGA is running the spots through its affiliate the Alliance for Common Sense.

One features clips from a news report on sexual harassment lawsuits filed against the Michels Corp., including that women said they were groped and fears by one that if she refused demands for sex she would be blackballed.

The narrator says the “real measure of a leader is in how he treats his people.” Following the news clips, the narrator says when coworkers spoke up, they say they were fired.

“So if that’s the kind of leader Tim Michels is, how do you think he’d lead the state?” the narrator asks.

The second spot says there are three things to remember about Michels: he would ban abortion in case of rape or incest and jail doctors who perform them; his family foundation funded a group that used cell phone data to track women near abortion clinics; and that Michels “ran a company where women say they were pressured to have sex with their bosses.”

“The only one with a radical agenda like that is Tim Michels, and the only one who can stop it is you,” the narrator says.

See the ads:

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