Madison, WI – Disability Rights Wisconsin (DRW) applauds Governor Evers’ recent vetoes of bills that  would have had negative impacts for individuals with disabilities in the areas of Medicaid and publicly funded education. 

Regarding Medicaid, DRW appreciates Gov. Evers’ vetoes of both AB934 and AB936. AB934 would have  added significantly to the burden already imposed on people who rely on Medicaid as the sole source  for their health insurance. It would have required people to reapply twice as often as they do now,  would have increased the likelihood that peoples’ applications would be denied because of minor errors  on forms, and would have imposed an ineligibility period if someone inadvertently fails to report  something that might affect eligibility. AB936 would have imposed a punitive and totally unmanageable  system of work requirements on single people receiving Medicaid. Many of the people who would have  been harmed by both AB934 and AB936 are people with disabilities, particularly people with mental  illness. Neither bill served a legitimate public interest.  

In addition, DRW applauds Gov. Evers for vetoing both AB966 and AB970 relating to publicly-funded  education. AB966 would have caused disproportionate disruption for Milwaukee students with  disabilities, unnecessarily and expensively splitting the district into four-to-eight smaller districts. AB970  would have created a massive expansion of Wisconsin’s voucher programs, in which students forfeit  their rights and protections under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), to the detriment  of the schools that are required to educate any-and-all students with disabilities under the IDEA:  Wisconsin’s public schools. Both bills would have been harmful for Wisconsin students, and the vetoes  are well-deserved. 

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