Madison, WI – Disability Rights Wisconsin appreciates that Governor Evers’ proposal for recently announced state surplus revenues would provide much-needed investments for individuals with  disabilities and their families, particularly students and family caregivers. The proposed plan would  create a family caregiver tax credit, increase reimbursement rates for special education and high-cost  special education, support lead testing and remediation in schools, and expand school mental health  funding for student services staff. 

“Wisconsin has a rare opportunity with the current surplus to address some of the overwhelming  educational and mental health needs for students with disabilities,” stated Lea Kitz, DRW’s Executive  Director. “Our schools have struggled for years with state underfunding for students with disabilities,  and we’ve never come close to recommended staffing levels for the professionals who support our  students’ mental health in school.” 

This use of Wisconsin’s budget surplus would put into action our state’s commitment to helping  students who struggle, especially during the many recent changes and challenges with education that  have had such a tremendous impact on children with disabilities. We look forward to productive  conversations during this important opportunity for the Governor and the Legislature to work together  and move forward. 

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