On Tuesday, February 22nd, the Wisconsin Assembly passed overwhelmingly Assembly  Bill (AB 161) and Assembly Bill 515 (AB 515). AB 161 passed unanimously on a 96-0 vote while  AB 515 passed on a voice vote.  

DAV (Disabled American Veterans) applauds the members of the Assembly and its  leadership team for passing these DAV-supported bills. Special recognition goes to Speaker  Robin Vos and Majority Leader Jim Steineke for their efforts in ushering them through the  legislative process in a timely manner.  

AB 161 standardizes the discount fee eligibility for Wisconsin disabled veterans to obtain  a DNR Sporting License. Currently, eligibility is based on either a VA service-connected  disability rating of 50% or 70%, depending on the specific license. The bill states all eligibility  will be based on a 50% rating or greater which eliminates the confusion contained in the current  licensing process. 

AB 515 lowers the residency requirements for qualified veterans with a 30% disability,  their spouses, and dependents to be eligible for the University of Wisconsin and Wisconsin  Technical College tuition and fee remission program. Currently, the residency requirement is 5  years. The bill lowers the requirement to 3 years.  

“DAV greatly appreciates the passage of AB 161 and AB 515 by the Assembly. These  bills will help fulfill the recreational needs of Wisconsin disabled veterans and the educational  needs for them and their families,” said DAV State Commander Matt Kempainen. “We look  forward to working with the Senate and its leadership to see final passage of these bills is  secured.”  

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