The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee today launched a new TV ad and two digital spots hitting U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson, the first piece of a $3 million campaign targeting the Oshkosh Republican through the November election.

Two spots hit Johnson over a tax break he supported that the ads charge benefited him and his donors, while another focuses on abortion.

The ads come at Lt.Gov. Mandela Barnes is expected to easily advance out of today’s Dem U.S. Senate primary after three of his top rivals dropped out of the race.

The TV spot is fashioned after an infomercial. The announcer asks if viewers are tired of “Washington politicians not working for you.” The announcer then says, “With three easy payments of one million dollars, Ron Johnson will work for you! Just ask these billionaires!”

The screen shows GOP megadonors Diane Hendricks and Dick Uihlein with the line “actual customer” under their pictures and a newspaper headline that they gave $3.5 million to a group backing Johnson.

“They donated a fortune to Johnson and he delivered a $215 million dollar tax break for them,” the announcer says before adding, “Johnson even threw in a tax break for himself.”

The donations mentioned in the ad were from earlier this year, while the tax cuts were part of a 2017 package. Uihlein and Hendricks had also donated to Johnson ahead of 2017.

One digital ad has a similar theme, charging Johnson hustled the system and got a “tax break for himself that helped make him one of the richest senators” and helped donors.

The other says Johnson “got his way” and abortion access is ending in Wisconsin.

“Johnson says if you don’t like it, you can move,” the announcer says. “He doesn’t understand your family, or care about you.”

See the release, which includes links to the ads:

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